Character Spotlight

Chi Richards


Theme Song: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi

Age: 19 years old

Family: Son of Aline and Jack Richards, Twin brother of Stephen Richards

Status: Unwanted born illegally, Middle-class, Speaks French fluently and illegally

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Love Interest: Thia Clay

Hobbies: Reading, Training with Taylor and Chase, Reading, Trying to keep Thia away from that jackass William

Favorite Book: "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

Chia Theme Song: "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion


Questions from the readers to Chi:


*Chi gives a lopsided smile, clears his throat, and fidgets in his seat*


A: Hi, Chi, how are you doing today?

Chi: I'm doing awesome. How about you? *smiles again*

A: Great! Thank you for asking! Are you excited that the readers chose you for the Spotlight?

Chi: I'm just glad they didn't choose William. Although, I've heard they also picked Stephen... Why they like him so much I have no idea, but I'm sure they have their own reasons. 

A: The readers have a few questions for you...

Chi: Awesome! Ask away!

A: Okay, the first question is from Siti...

Siti: What's your type when it comes to girls?

Chi: Well... *scratches his head and messes up his hair* I like smart girls... Really smart girls. Like Thia... And I like girls who don't follow others like sheep, girls who think for themselves.

A: Siti also asked what your favorite book is.

Chi: I like a lot of French books that I got from my mom's library. My mom really loves French classics, so I've read a bunch of those. But my favorite book isn't French. It's "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. 

Chloe: Do you have any bad habits that you are aware of?

Chi: Nope, I'm perfect! *bursts out laughing*

*Stephen walks in right then and raises an eyebrow* 

Stephen: He's got tons of annoying habits all right!

*Chi shoots a glance at his brother*

Chi: Dude, this is my spotlight, get out!

Stephen: Or what, little bro? You're gonna kick me out? *snickers*

Chi: Dégage de là, Stephen! J'te jure si tu dégages pas... (Get out of here, Stephen! I swear if you don't get out...)

Stephen: See ya later, bro. By the way, good luck standing back up. *Stephen smirks and waves his fingers mockingly*

*Chi rolls his eyes, thinks for a second, narrows his eyes, and tries to stand up* *Chi can't seem to stand up*

Chi: I'm going to kill him!

*Stephen's laughter can be heard from the hall*


*Ten minutes later* *Chi sits in a new chair*

A: Is this everyday life for you guys, then?

Chi: He's a freaking pain in my a***. *narrows his eyes* Where were we?

A: Chloe was asking what bad habits you might have?

Stephen from behind the door: Stealing other guys' girlfriends! He's really good at that!

Chi: SHUT UP! 

*Stephen chuckles from the hall and leaves for good*

Chi: *rolls his eyes* So annoying... Okay, uh, I guess my worst habit is not being able to shut up in dangerous situations... I know I shouldn't be taunting the authorities for example, but I just can't seem to help it. *winks and flashes a smile* 

A: Does that get you in trouble?

Chi: We will find out in "Standing Ground." *waggles eyebrows*

Livius: Why did you choose the Arch of all places to meet Thia? 

Chi: It's hidden in the woods, in the mountains... I mean, I would have preferred to invite her to go out somewhere, but considering we're not supposed to be together, that'd be kinda hard. It's close to my school too, and I'd heard William mention where she was going to school too, so I knew it was close by for her as well...

Chloe: What was it that you were thinking the first time you saw Thia?

Chi: I didn't really think so much as feel this attraction to her. I mean, she just looked so beautiful. And she had that look on her face, like she didn't want to be there. She looked so sad. My creator actually wrote that scene in my short story, so if you haven't checked it out, you've got all my thoughts there. *winks*

Caspar: Would you date me?

Chi: I'm super flattered that you find me attractive, Caspar, but I'm not into guys. Maybe you could ask Chase or Akio... Although Chase will probably say that you're too young for him. Well, that and Chase doesn't date, so I guess, not Chase... I don't know, ask Akio... He's still single, and he's pretty cool. *smiles*

Livius: Who do you think gets more girls? You or your brother?

Chi: Well, Stephen and I aren't into dating lots of girls. We're more the steady type. I've never seen Stephen date anyone now that I think about it... so I guess I'd say I've dated more than he has. I don't know. The readers can't seem to choose between us though, and that's how our creator wanted it to be, so I guess it's cool... I don't think it matters. 

Chloe: What's your favorite color and why?

Chi: I hate blue! No doubt about that! Ugh! *rolls his eyes* I guess I like black. Thia wears black for school, so each time I've met her she was in black, and she looks drop-dead gorgeous in it. Well, she looks good in anything she wears, but yeah, I like black. I've got a lot of black clothes as well. 

Emily: What do you love MOST about Thia?

Chi: Everything. *smiles* Really, do I have to choose? I like everything about her... 


A: Chi, where did you learn to be such a feminist?

Chi: Well, I've spent my life being homeschooled by my mom, and she's a woman, and I love her, so it makes sense I should respect women. I hate the way women are treated in our society. Besides, why would I support moronic values spread by the same people who want me dead?

A: I think that's all for today...

Chi: Yeah, I hope I didn't miss any questions.

A: I'm sure it's fine. Thank you for answering all the questions.

Chi: You're welcome. And if you want to join the Underground, I'm helping Taylor recruit new people. *winks*

A: Good to know... 

Chi: Chase, Kayla, and I will be happy to train you. *smiles and raises his hand for a fist-bump*

A: *Gives Chi a fist-bump and picks up her notepad* Have a nice day, Chi.

Chi: Yep, you too. 



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Alice Rachel



"When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what it seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be."
- Chi Richards