Emily Katherine Jinxx asked me quite a few times for this interview. 

This interview is a bit different as Emily will be conducting it,

and the characters will be answering the questions.


Thank you, Emily, for the fun interview. :-)








Theme Song - "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera


Emily: Akio, who would you like to see again for a few moments in your life? They could be dead or alive if you haven't seen them in a long time.

Akio: I'd wanna see my pop. He's still alive, although I guess I'm dead to him now.

Alice: Why would you like to see your dad?

Akio: 'Cause I've got things to say to him. Like how he should have loved me no matter what. It's called unconditional love, man.

Alice: I agree with you, Akio.

Emily: How did you become part of the Underground?

Akio: *looks at Alice*

Alice: Actually, that's a spoiler. It will be revealed in Akio's short story. It has to do with the reason why Akio doesn't talk to his dad anymore.

Akio: It's more like he won't talk to me, but whatever. The Underground's my family, now.

Alice: Thank you for answering.

Akio: Sure, anytime.









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Emily: Terrence, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Terrence: Hi! Uh, what do you want to know?

Alice: Can you just present yourself?

Terrence: Uh, okay. I come from the slums of Eboracum City. I'm lower-class.

Chase: That doesn't define you as a person. Those are just dumb titles other people stuck to your back.

Terrence: Well, it did shape who I am.

Chase: *shakes head* Maybe, but you're more than that.

Chi: Right. Who cares what class you come from. We're all trying to rise above that.

Terrence: Okay, uh... *shrugs*

Alice: Terrence first appears in "Standing Ground," so I don't have much information about him yet. He's really secretive.

Terrence: *gives a tiny smile*

Alice: I think the few people who know about him like him. 

Terrence: *blushes a bit*

Alice: Thank you for answering, Terrence.

Terrence: Sorry I can't say more because of spoilers and all that...








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Emily - So, Chase, what draws you to foreign languages like Spanish, even though it's illegal?

Chase - *smirks* The answer is in your question, querida. *flashes a breathtaking smile* It's illegal... *waggles eyebrows*

Alice - Is that the only reason why you speak Spanish?

Chase - It's just stupid that foreign languages are illegal. There's no valid reason for that. I'm not gonna stop doing something I enjoy just 'cause a bunch of morons told me I couldn't do it.

Alice - I think you have too much of a taste for danger, Chase.

Chase - *lopsided smile* You got that right.

Alice - How did you learn Spanish?

Chase - Everyone in my family spoke Spanish. I think Craig is the only one from my neighborhood who didn't speak Spanish.

Emily - How long have you been a part of the Underground, and what was your reason for joining?

Chase - *pins his sharp blue gaze on Emily* I became part of the Underground when I was nineteen years old. I don't really feel like talking about it. 

Alice - You seem to be in a bad mood today. That's kind of rare for you. What's wrong?

Chase - Maybe if Taylor got off my case, I wouldn't be in a foul mood. *shoots Taylor a sharp glance*

Taylor - *raises eyebrow* You know, I think Alice is right. You really are looking for trouble, and you're going to find it, man. I'm getting sick of your attitude.

Alice - *trying to distract them* Well, it was awesome talking to you, Chase. Uh, thank you for answering Emily's question.

Chase - *flashes his beautiful white teeth* You're welcome. *winks at Alice before sending Emily an air-kiss*







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"I Am The Rain" by Assemblage 23

Emily - Hi, Taylor. When and why did you join the Underground?

Taylor - Hi, Emily. I joined the Underground because of my sister Karen. I can't say more, but I think Chi explains it briefly in the first novel.

Alice - I don't know how old Taylor was back then because I'm not done working on "Common Ground." I think he was about twenty-two, but I haven't checked all the timelines yet... Multiple characters with different stories = Horrible timeline issues... *cries*

Emily - How were you able to balance those two parts of your life? One rebellious and one submissive?

Taylor - Submissive? *huffs*

Kayla - *lets out a chuckle and then laughs louder and louder*

Taylor - *looks at her* You find that funny, huh?

Kayla - *looks at Emily* You're going to bruise his ego.

Taylor - *rolls his eyes* I don't need her for that when I have you, babe.

Kayla - *smirks* You're welcome.

Taylor - *pretends to ignore Kayla, but looks at her from the corner of his eye, trying not to smile* Anyway, I have the resources to hide my tracks. Not that the media didn't test me for a while.

Alice - Eh, did you guys see the quote from "Common Ground"? Man, I LOVE Rose!

Taylor - She sure likes to kick! Always in the exact same spot, too! *shudders*

Kayla - *laughs* She learned from the best!

Taylor - That's nothing to be proud of.

Chase - I'm never around to enjoy all the fun.

Alice - Well, sorry, you guys, I have to go and edit Stephen's novella, so talk to you later.

All - *glare at Alice*

Alice - What?

Taylor - Do we REALLY have to explain why we can't stand that guy?

Alice - Whatever. You don't even know him. Bye now.









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"True Love " by P1NK

Emily - Hi, Kayla.

Kayla - *gives Emily a warm hug* Hi, Emily.

Emily - So when and why did you join the Underground?

Kayla - I joined shortly after Taylor did. I'm not allowed to say why. Spoilers. 

Emily - And do you feel like having to be so strong for the cause, but also for yourself, has taken away from your ability to be loving and sweet?

Kayla - *raises an eyebrow* I AM loving and sweet... I don't understand the question.

Thia - Kayla is really sweet, Emily. She just won't put up with certain people. She's Taylor's second-in-command. That requires a strong grip.

Alice - Both Kayla and Taylor have really strong personalities. Only a strong woman like Kayla could date a man like Taylor. He could probably break anyone else's spirit with a simple glare.

Taylor - *rolls his eyes* I'm not that bad.

Chase - Yeah, man, you totally are.

Kayla - Anyway! There's a difference between being sweet and being a push-over.

Emily - So you and Taylor are a thing? You're not just friends?

Kayla - We've been dating for over three years, I think.

Taylor - *looks at her* You think?

Kayla - *shrugs* The specific date doesn't matter, honey.

Emily - And on a different topic, what's your weapon of choice?

Kayla - Why choose only one when I can carry many? *cocks an eyebrow*

Taylor - *gives a lopsided smile and kisses her temple*

Alice - *fangirls all over Kaylor* Awh, they're so cute!

Stephen - That doesn't sound arrogant at all considering you created them.

Alice - Oh shush, you!

Chi - Yeah, no one asked for your opinion, Stephen.

Alice - Okayyy, well, thank you, Kayla. Tina is next...







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"Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson

Emily - Hello, Tina. Same question, when and why did you join the Underground?

Tina - That's kind of a spoiler. Sorry.

Alice - And how did you become such a highly-ranked officer? Women usually don't have access to such high positions?

Tina - I think I'm actually the only female officer in the state. Or at least in this area. I don't really care to explain how I got the job.

James - Officers have to go through some special training. It's not something we're proud of or wanna talk about.

Emily - And how do you feel about being part of such a dangerous group?

Tina - I'm not any more or any less scared than anyone else in the Underground. I mean, it's the same risk for any Sympathizer.

Alice - Right. But you're an officer, so you're in a lot more danger than some.

Tina - *shrugs* I disagree.

Emily - Would you agree that you might like more than one guy in the group?

Tina - No. Who told you that? *glares at Taylor*

Taylor - I have better things to do than spread rumors about you, Tina. I really don't care what you do with your life as long as it doesn't affect the security of my team.

Tina - *sighs* Since I'm obviously not welcome here, I won't stick around.*stands up and leaves*

James - *looks at Taylor* Dude, really? It wouldn't kill you to be nice, you know.

Taylor - *glances at James sharply* She needs to stop making random accusations, James.

Alice - Well, sorry about that, you guys. Hopefully, tomorrow's interview won't be this awkward.  








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"Complicated" by Avril Lavigne

Emily - Hi, James. So when and why did you become part of the Underground?

James - I joined the Underground for the same reason Tina did, actually. She and I have known each other since childhood. But I can't say more about that, sorry.

Alice - And why did you become an officer?

James - Same reason as Tina. To help the Underground.

Alice - So the training was tough, huh?

James - Yeah. It was a nightmare I don't wanna relive. And I don't really feel like talking about it.

Emily - So you and Tina like each other?

James - Tina's a good friend, yes.

Emily - And why do you hate Stephen so much? I mean more than other people?

James - *raises an eyebrow* Really? Have you read the book?

Emily - *nods*

James - Yeah, well, then you know why. Ugh, I hate that guy! *makes a face*

Stephen - Love you too, Malone. *wriggles his fingers and sends James an air-kiss*

James - *rises from his seat, with his fists clenched*

Alice - Oh boy... Okay, the interview's over. *tries to wrap this up really quickly before James and Stephen really go at it* Next person is William... I think I'll interview him in a different room since he's not the most popular person around here.

Chi - *curses in French when he hears William's name*

Alice - See you in a few minutes, everyone. *noises in the back as James and Stephen start fighting. Alice ducks to dodge flying objects*







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"Every Breath you Take" by The Police

Emily - Hi, William. Could you tell us why you did what you did in "Under Ground'?

William - *looks at Emily as if she were some pest in his face* Can you be more specific?

Alice - The event that shall not be named...

William - My father betrayed me. I thought it'd be fair to return the favor. 

Alice - Would you agree that you have feelings for Thia?

William - Thia is mine. Whether I have feelings for her or not is irrelevant. She belongs to me.

Alice - *whispers* Stalker-boy syndrome.

William - Care to repeat that?

Alice - I said you're a stalker.

William - It's not stalking. She belongs to me. However, taking her from me is stealing, and that's illegal. So maybe you should point the finger at Chi for once. 

Alice - Chi is decent, though, and you are not.

William - I'm a man. I don't need to respond to you, females. Any more stupid questions? Because I have some important things to do. I don't have time to waste with you, lower-class scum.

Alice - I'm your creator. You will show me respect. I can make your life quite miserable!

William - *rolls his eyes* Shaking in my boots.

Emily - Why do you feel like your father doesn't care about you? It's obvious he does. 

William - *snorts disdainfully* I'm never good enough for him.

Alice - Maybe because you're an insufferable brat?

William - *sends a disgusted look at Alice* Next time I want you to talk, woman, I'll let you know.

Alice - Oh, you want to play that game? Your father's right: you're not too bright, William.

Emily - *coughs* Daddy issues.

William - *sends her a glance filled with daggers* What was that?

Emily - Why are you so weird?

William - Why are you so annoying?

Alice - That's enough! You will show us respect!

William - *reclines in his chair with nonchalance*

Emily - Spoiled brat!

Stephen - *knocks on the door, enters, and looks at William with a self-satisfied smirk*

William - *sits up* What's he doing here?

Stephen - *his smirk widens* Got a problem, Fox?

William - *doesn't respond*

Alice - What is it, Stephen?

Stephen - Malone wants to know if you have any peroxide for his sorry face.

Alice - *suspicious* And he sent you?

Stephen - No. *cocky smile*

Alice - You came here to brag, didn't you?

Stephen - You know me so well, it's like you made me.

Alice - Ugh. Okay, the interview's over. William's getting on my nerves anyway.

Stephen - I can take care of him.

Alice - I think you've done enough, thank you very much! What is wrong with you people? *shakes head*






Theme Song: "The World Is Stone" by Cyndi Lauper

Emily - Hello, Mrs. Clay. I would like to know why you didn't run away with the one you loved, no matter the consequences?

Cecilia - Good morning, Emily. Run away with Tyreese, you mean? *sighs* It's a little bit complicated.

Alice - Cecilia can't talk about it here because the answer is given in "Standing Ground," as well as in her short story. Her situation was slightly more complex than Thia's. There was more at stake for Cecilia's family, and Cecilia is more selfless than Thia is.

Emily - If you had your suspicions about William, why didn't you call off the wedding?

Cecilia - *gives a sad smile* I think you're granting me more power than I actually have, Emily. The choice wasn't mine. The agreement was made between Oliver and Dimitri.

Alice - Oliver is Thia's father and Dimitri is William's father, you guys. So you weren't part of the decision?

Cecilia - *snorts with disdain* Oliver never asked for my opinion. Also, I didn't realize what a little brat William was until it was too late. Not that it would have mattered. But I've always strived to protect both my children.

Alice - But you're a strong woman. Couldn't you just stand up to your husband?

Cecilia - I may be strong, but I'm not stupid. It is always best to comply.

Alice - In "Under Ground," you told Thia her father isn't a bad man. Have you changed your mind, then?

Cecilia - Sometimes, a mother will lie to shield her children from the truth.

Alice - Would you have forced Thia into marriage if you'd been allowed to be with Tyreese?

Cecilia - Absolutely not. And Tyreese was never that kind of man. He would have made a much better father than Oliver could ever hope to be.

Emily - Did you know the truth about the society you lived in? The joy houses? The camps?

Cecilia - No one knew about the camps. I knew about the joy houses, yes.

Alice - But you never told Thia, though.

Cecilia - I didn't want to frighten her. I think we all know how Thia feels about such things. My daughter is quite innocent when it comes to such matters. 

Alice - But don't you think it would have convinced her to behave?

Cecilia - There was no need to terrify her into obedience. I thought she'd be wise enough to follow the rules without such threats.

Alice - Well, thank you for answering the questions, Mrs. Clay, and thank you for the fun interviews, Emily.





Theme Song: "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson

Emily - Hi, Tyreese.

Tyreese - Hi, Emily.

Emily - I would like to know, why didn't you try harder to win Cecilia over?

Tyreese - I did, but I believed in letting Cecilia choose. I loved her too much to ask her to sacrifice her family's well-being for mine. 

Alice - Do you regret not pushing further?

Tyreese - Yes, every single day. Oliver never deserved Cecilia. I let her go because I loved her. I just wish it'd been any other man but him. 

Emily - Why didn't you run away with her?

Tyreese - That would have been pretty selfish, don't you think?

Alice - You sound like you know Oliver well.

Tyreese - He's not worth my time. Let's talk about something else.

Alice - Are you excited about your short story coming out?

Tyreese - Well, a novella would have been better, but sure.

Alice - Eh, I try my best with the time I have! It's possible the short story might reach 50 pages. I have a lot of material for it. Also, you're getting a playlist.
Terrence - I'm helping!
Alice - Right, Terrence is helping me with the playlist, so expect a bunch of 80s music because he's obsessed with 80s music. 
Terrence - Most of that stuff is forbidden, too. Ah!
Alice - *laughs* Well, thanks, Tyreese. I know you're busy, so I won't keep you much longer.
Tyreese - Thanks.






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"Halo" by Beyonce


Emily - Hi, Willow. I'd like to know why you didn't run away with Stephen if you loved him so much?

Willow - I didn't want to put him in danger. If we'd run away, Stephen could have been executed for treason. He should be allowed to have a normal life, without me dragging him down.

Alice - Willow never knew the truth about Stephen's life. She always thought it'd be better for him to have a chance at a real future. Willow, would you have made a different choice if you'd known the truth about Stephen's life?

Willow - *sadly* I've always wanted him to be happy. It would have been hard for me to leave my family. They gave me so much. But if I'd known Stephen wasn't safe, I would have followed him anywhere he wanted to go.  

Emily - Why didn't you let Stephen be your first?

Willow - Stephen never asked me. He never even implied he wanted to, or I would have said yes. I never wanted anyone but him.

Alice - Stephen didn't think she was ready. He's always treated her as if she were made of porcelain and all his lies and omissions eventually backfired. Stephen can't blame others for not being able to read his mind. But Willow, why did you say yes to Chi?

Willow - I didn't think I had a choice. But I didn't want to. *looks away sadly*

Alice - No one's perfect. People make mistakes, Willow included.

Emily - Did you have any family issues for being Unwanted?

Willow - Family issues?

Alice - Did you ever feel unloved or guilty? Were there ever any fights in your family?

Willow - *blinks* No. Why?

Alice - Willow's parents were good parents. They never made her feel like a burden. Unlike Chi, she was never emotionally abused and no one ever made her feel bad for being who she was. Her parents loved her deeply and unconditionally. Her environment was always warm and loving, which is why Willow has that childlike innocence to her.

Emily - Would you have joined the Underground if you had the choice?

Willow - The Underground?

Alice - I'm not sure Willow would have had the kind of anger it takes to join a rebellion. She's a gentle person. I can't imagine her wanting to hurt anyone. Willow is the purest of all my characters. Her kindness and genuine compassion are her strengths. But those qualities aren't the best to join the rebels.

Willow - What's the Underground?

Alice - A rebellious group that Chi has joined.

Willow - Is Chi okay?

Alice - Yes, he's okay.

Willow - Is Stevie okay? Is Stevie also in the Underground?

Alice - *doesn't reply*

Willow - *worried* Is Stevie not okay?

Alice - Stephen is not okay, no.

Emily - *changing the subject quickly* Did you know anything about the society you lived in?

Willow - *ignoring the question* Would you give something to Stephen for me?

Alice - Sure.

Willow - *writing on a piece of paper and handing it to Alice*

Alice - I'm sure he'll appreciate it. So, would you talk about what you knew about the society you lived in?

Willow - I knew there were bad people who wanted me dead. I was told me to hide and never reveal my identity.

Alice - Didn't you want to know more?

Willow - I asked Mom and Lila, but no one ever gave me clear answers. 

Alice - Willow was always kept in some sort of bubble. Her parents and Stephen never told her the truth about the world she lived in. They always believed she was too innocent and gentle to handle the truth. I don't think they were fair to her. Willow has genuine inner strength they never cared to see. Well, thank you for the interview, Willow.

Willow - Thank you. Can I see Stevie sometime?

Alice - That's a little bit complicated, Willow.

Willow - *nods sadly and Alice gives her a hug*





This interview contains slight SPOILERS of both "Under Ground" and "Losing Ground."


Theme Song: "Numb" by Linkin Park


Chia Theme Songs:


"Bring Me Back To Life" by Evanescence




"See Who I Am" by Withim Temptation


Emily - Hi, Thia. I would like to know why you never bothered doing research about your society and the Underground?

Thia - I didn't know about the Underground until I met Chi.

Emily - But everyone had heard about it at least.

Chase - Actually, they hadn't. No one really knew about the Underground until the events that followed. There'd been rumors about the rebels, but nothing concrete. The Underground has helped the lower class in the past, but the word never spread to the upper class.

Taylor - The Underground isn't a place where you can just show up, knock on the door, and ask to join. You have to be invited in by someone first. Every member has been invited by a previous member. We either seek out people with certain skills or welcome people in need of shelter, if we find them on time. But it's not an open group people can join at will. Our members have to be approved by a leader first.

Thia - I joined because I was invited by Chi. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to find them and join.

Alice - I will post a quote from "Dangerous Ground" with a conversation between Chase and his brother that shows how people actually knew very little about the Underground. Remember that they live under a dictatorship. Any talks of the Underground would be dismissed and suppressed by the authorities. This isn't a world where they have social media and computers to seek information at will.

Chi - Right. You can't just go to the library and research that stuff either. Many books have been banned or burned. Even if Thia had looked up some information, she wouldn't have found anything about the Underground. 

Alice - Think about any dictatorship in history. Or think about the Middle Ages and how only scholars and monks had access to knowledge. Thia can't be blamed for not finding information that wasn't available to begin with. Besides, looking up such information would be dangerous, even deadly.

Thia - The only library I ever went to was the one at my school and there was nothing interesting there.

Alice - Chi only knew those things because he was told about them. Chi had access to a lot more knowledge than most people in his state do. It doesn't mean he's smarter than Thia. It only means he had access to information she didn't. Thia doesn't live in a place where information is widely available as it is here today. Imagine looking for information without social media, without computers, without books of any consistence. She couldn't just go to her teachers either. She had heard about the rebels, but she just assumed they were people who wouldn't comply with the rules, and nothing more.

Taylor - It seems Thia was smart enough to question what she was being taught in school. For someone without information, that was pretty insightful. The media cannot be trusted. They are kept on a tight leash. The news is carefully selected and always biased. 

Emily - But why didn't you run away sooner?

Thia - And go where?

Alice - It's not as if she could have run away and gotten a job or taken care of herself. That's not the kind of society she lives in.

Thia - Running away means certain death. Besides, my parents did a lot for me. Running away isn't as easy as it seems when it means ruining your family's reputation and your father's career. 

Alice - I would like to point out that Thia was also depressed at the time. Waking up every morning was hard enough for her. Surviving was a struggle to begin with. Well, Emily, thank you for the questions. Those were important issues you raised. Thank you, Thia, for answering.

Thia - Thank you.





This interview contains slight SPOILERS of both "Under Ground" and "Losing Ground."


Stephen and Chi Song: "Take Me Away" by Avril Lavigne


Stephen and the Richards Song: "You'll See" by Madonna


Emily - Hi, you guys.

Stephen and Chi - Hey.

Chi - What's up?

Emily - I'll start with you, Chi. I'd like to know, if you felt Stephen was hurting, why didn't you keep trying to talk to him even if he pushed you away?

Chi - I did. Do you know how many times I tried to talk to him and help him?

Stephen - *makes a face* He did try to talk. I just wasn't in the mood.

Alice - You're saying that like it was just a one time occurrence.

Stephen - Right. I was never in the mood. How about that? 

Alice - Well, looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed... again. *sarcastic* This promises to be fun.

Stephen - You're the one who wanted to do the interview, not me. 

Alice - What a grouch! I don't know why I even try.

Stephen - Right. Well, stop trying then...Just like Chi.

Chi - Dude, I've tried, okay. See, Emily, that's what everyday life is like with him. Real fun!

Stephen - Stop whining, Chi.

Emily - Stephen, why did you always push Chi away? It's not healthy to bottle up your feelings and push people away.

Stephen - Why not? So he'd see me like some broken doll he had to fix. No, thanks.

Alice - Can you please drop the attitude?

Stephen - I'm the antagonist. I don't have to be nice, remember.

Alice - Emily is a fan of yours, so you know, you could be polite, at least.

Stephen - *sincerely* Right, sorry, Emily. *glares at Alice* I don't see why I had to do the interview with him. Like he didn't take enough from me already, now we have to share interviews as well? 

Alice - You're being unfair. Okay, I think it's time for a break. We'll continue the interview tomorrow. Hopefully, someone will sleep better tonight and has a better disposition tomorrow.

Stephen - Don't hold your breath! *rises from his seat and gives Emily a quick hug* See you tomorrow, Emily. *leaves without a glance at Alice or Chi*

Chi -  Welcome to my world.

Alice - *pats Chi on the back* He might be in a better mood tomorrow.

Chi - Yeah, right. 





Stephen Theme Songs:


"Crawling" by Linkin Park




"Nemo" by Nightwish


Stephen and Chi Song:


"Invisible and Silent" by Covenant


"Never Is A Promise" by Fiona Apple


Stephen - *enters the room*

Alice - Good morning, Stevie.

Stephen - You don't get to call me that, but good morning to you too.

Chi - *walks into the room and takes the seat next to Stephen*

Alice - Hi, Chi.

Chi - *smiles* Good morning.

Emily - Hi, you guys.

C & S - Hi, Emily.

Emily - Chi, I'd like to know how you could be so blind to the fact that Willow was unhappy?

Chi - *looks at Emily sadly* Willow was always so joyful and lively.

Alice - Chi isn't a mind-reader. If someone smiles at you, giggles, and acts all cheerful, it's kind of hard to tell they're not happy.

Emily - Did you really not realize your mom was manipulating you?

Stephen - You need to understand that Chi loves our mother more than anyone else. He's spent his entire life with her, almost every second of each day. My mother is an expert at manipulation. She's really good at saying stuff while meaning something completely different. She'll say things in such a way that only I know what she's truly saying. Besides, love is blind, right?

Emily - But, Stephen, why did you want your brother to hate you?

Stephen - I didn't WANT him to hate me. I just didn't want him prying into my life. If I had to choose, I'd rather he hated me than pitied me. Why is that so hard to understand?

Emily - But don't you think he would have understood the situation?

Stephen - What was I supposed to do? Invite him over to my room to discuss all that stuff over a cup of tea? I don't think so!*huffs in anger and rolls his eyes*

Alice - Stephen carries a lot of shame, guilt, and pain. No one should ever be blamed for not discussing the things he didn't want to talk about.

Stephen, how do you feel about all the marriage proposals you've received? 

Stephen - *gives a tiny smile* I'm just surprised they didn't ask little bro instead. *laughs wickedly at Chi's expense*

Chi - Whatever, man!

Alice - *tries to hide a smile*

Stephen - Are we done here? 'Cause I have to go to work; you know the drill. Can't stick around for long.

Alice - Sure, thank you for coming.

Stephen - You're welcome. *waves at Emily and leaves*

Alice - Well, at least he was civil today.

Chi - *gives Emily a hug* Talk to you soon.*waves at Alice and leaves*

Alice - This was the last interview. Thank you so much, Emily, for all your time and questions! 

Alice Rachel



"When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what it seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be."
- Chi Richards