Please, note that this interview contains spoilers of both "Under Ground" and "Losing Ground."


The characters of the series will answer questions from their fans and readers.


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*Everyone settles down and takes the seats they were assigned.*


A: *after checking that everyone is here* How are you guys doing?

Taylor: Pretty well, and yourself?

A: Awesome, thank you! Actually, I'm glad you're the first one to answer, Taylor, because the first question is for you. 

Taylor: *gives a smile* All right!

A: I will let the readers ask the questions themselves. 


V: Taylor, how did you manage to keep both aspects of your life separate for so long?

Taylor: *scratches his shaven head and clears his throat* Do you mean 'How did I manage to be a journalist and a leader for the Underground?'

V: Yes.

Taylor: Well, there are are certain things I can't reveal because they will be part of the novel I share with Kayla. Let's just say that I've had to make a lot of sacrifices in my life. I've had to speak against my own principles and act against what I truly believe in. I'm not the only one in this room who's had to do horrible things for the greater good. I'm not proud of some of the things I've done, but I wouldn't be where I am today if I had chickened out.

*James pats Taylor on the back*

A: Next question...


E: Stephen, will you marry me?

*Willow giggles and Stephen gives a lopsided smile before looking at Willow*

Stephen: Why are you laughing, sweetheart? 

Willow: Girls love you, Stevie. 

Stephen: *Raises an eyebrow and his smile widens*


T: Actually, Chi and Stephen, will you marry me? 

Chi: Uh, well, I'm afraid you're gonna have to choose, T. I've lived most of my life with that guy and there's no way I'm sharing a house or an apartment with him again! He's a freaking grouch! Have you ever seen him wake up in the morning? Probably the scariest sight ever. 

Stephen: *mumbles* Scariest sight ever? Wimp!

Chi: *sends Stephen the death stare* What did you just call me?

Stephen: I think you heard me quite well the first time. You're a freaking wimp!

Chi: Want to step outside and repeat that again.

Stephen: *snorts* You think I'm not scared of you, momma's boy?

A: *sighs* I'm afraid this is what everyday life would be like if you were stuck in a marriage with both Chi and Stephen. You may want to reconsider and ask a different question. 


Willow: I think T. should marry Chi and E. should marry Stephen. This way, the problem is solved. 

Thia: Willow! 

*Willow giggles and Stephen puts his arm around her shoulder to pull her closer and kiss her temple*

Stephen: *whispers* So adorable!


*James glances at Stephen sharply*

Stephen: What's wrong, Malone? Want a picture of my face?

James: Yeah, I'll pin it on the wall so I can throw darts at it. 

*Stephen rolls his eyes*

Stephen: Nothing I haven't heard before, Malone. Gonna have to find a better comeback next time. 

*James sighs. Then he raises his hand*

A: Yes, James?

James: Can he please leave the room now?

*Stephen snorts* 

Stephen: Did you just raise your hand? For real? What's this, third grade? If you don't like it here, the door is right over there.

*Stephen points at the door*

A: Stephen, you promised to be nice.

Stephen: Actually, I never promised such a thing. You were probably talking to Chi. 

*Chase lets out a small laugh*

James: What's so funny?

Chase: Nothing. Nothing at all. *Tries to hide his sideways smile*

James: I'm glad you're entertained, 'cause I'm not. 

A: *clears throat* Okay, moving on... Next question is for Chi. 


T: Why did you lie to Thia about Willow?

Chi: *glances at Thia and then at Willow awkwardly* Uh. 

Stephen: 'Cause he's a born liar.

Chi: Shut up! *sighs* I already told Thia why I lied to her. I didn't want to freak her out. I was scared of losing her. 

A: All right. E. has a question for Stephen.


E: How could you do what you did to Willow? I thought you loved her!

Stephen: I did what now?

A: Stephen isn't allowed to answer that question. The answer will be in "Holding Ground"...


E: Stephen, why do you think your parents were so awful to you?

Stephen: Maybe you can ask them directly. I was told they are in the room next door. I don't speak for awful people. *sighs* I mean, I know why Mother hates me. She told me very clearly when I was just a kid. And Father is just sick in the head! They're both very sick people! Let's not talk about them; they're not worth it. 


S: Chi, did you ever wonder what fueled your brother's hatred for your father?

*Chi's face saddens*

Chi: Stephen is my twin, so I could always feel his pain, but he was always so distant. He didn't just hate Dad. He also hated Mom. And he hated me too. He was just mad that we had to share resources. I can't remember him ever being nice to us. 

Stephen: *rolls his eyes* Whine, whine, whine. Not everything is about you, Chi. Just because Mother made you believe the world revolves around your sorry a** doesn't mean it does! 

*Chi's jaw clenches*


A: Okaayyy, let's move on!


Akio: Yeah, no one's asked us any questions yet. 

A: Well, someone asked how Kayla could be so strong and kick-ass considering the world you guys live in. 

Kayla: What does that mean?

A: Because you're a woman.

Kayla: Oh, so because I'm a girl, I can't be strong and kick-ass? Nice! 

A: No, the person meant that you live in a men's world where women are forced to be submissive. 

Kayla: I'd rather die than submit to some ***hole! How about that for an answer? Just because men want us to obey doesn't mean we will. Look at Thia. She was nearly forced into marriage. Even if she had married that moron, it doesn't mean she wouldn't have been a rebel on the inside. Going through trials make people stronger, not weaker.   

Taylor: *his lips tilt into a lopsided smile* That's my girl!


A: E. also asked why and how are you guys so handsome?

Akio: Was she talking about everyone here or just Chase? Because everyone seems to find him soooo attractive! 

Chase: Dude, will you let it go already?

Akio: Just saying, man!

A: Uh, what's going on?

Akio: You will find out soon enough.

Chase: Dude, seriously! Let it go!


M: *interfering* Chase, what's your favorite color?

Chase: My favorite color is ocean green. It reminds me of someone special I used to go fishing with.

Tina: *casts Chase a sad look*


T: So, Chi and Thia, what are you up to in book 2?

*The door opens just then and William walks in*

William: This is an outrage! No one told me about this interview! I almost didn't make it here on time.

Chi: Yeah, that was kind of the point, doofus. 


A: Actually, we are going to take a break now because I have to edit "Standing Ground," so we will resume the interview later. I have plenty more questions for you guys. 





Thank you for asking questions. Feel free to ask more. ;-)



Alice Rachel



"When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what it seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be."
- Chi Richards