Please, note that this interview contains spoilers of both "Under Ground" and "Losing Ground." Do not read this interview if you haven't read the books yet.


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*Everyone returns to their assigned seats.*


William: *crosses his arms while standing* Why wasn't I told about this interview?

A: *deadpans* Because, William, no one wanted you here. 

William: Oh, but having him here is fine! *points at Stephen*

A: Actually, yes, it is. Stephen is popular, and you are not. But I do have one or two questions for you.

William: *scowls*

A: Why did you do what you did at the end of book 1?

William: *looks at Thia* I didn't realize the consequences yet. Besides, Thia is mine. No one is taking her away from me. 

Chi: Thia doesn't belong to anyone and she was never yours. She's not your little thing to play with, William. 

William: *glares at Chi* The law says she's mine, so shut your mouth!  

A: *clears throat* William, would you agree that you may have feelings for Thia? 

Chi: *snorts disdainfully* Yeah, right!

William: *shifts uncomfortably* Thia is legally mine. I don't have to justify my actions to anyone. 

Chi: *hisses* Prick!

A:  William, if you're not willing to answer the questions, you should leave. 

William: I don't see why I should be the one leaving.

A:  Well, you see, no one wants you here. Not even the readers. And I don't care to see another fight between you and Chi, so please, just leave. 

William: Fine! *slams the door on his way out*

Chi: Good riddance!


A:  Okay, we may proceed.

E: Stephen, what do you think about all those girls fighting over you?

*Willow snorts*

Stephen: It makes me slightly uncomfortable. I mean, I'm concerned for their safety. But I do enjoy being more popular than a certain someone at this table. *looks at Chi pointedly, and his smirk widens* 

Chi: *rolls his eyes* Whatever, dude!

Stephen: *smiles smugly* Green does not become you, baby bro. 

Chi: *gives Stephen the one finger salute*

Stephen: Nice to see you're still not smart enough to use your words.

Chi: Va te faire ***! How about that?

Stephen: And you kissed Mother Dearest with that mouth? *shakes his head*

Chi: *balls his fists and mumbles in French some more*


E: *interfering* Stephen, I brought you something. *stands up and hands Stephen a chocolate bar*

Stephen: *inspects the wrapped chocolate, and asks E.* Thank you, but what's this?

E: It's chocolate.

Chi: *gasps*

Chase: What's chocolate?

Tina: It's some kind of treat. I've read about it in books. It's supposed to be really good.

Stephen: *opens up the wrap and looks at the dark content. Then he cuts two pieces and gives one to Willow*

Chi: Selfish much! Mind sharing with the rest of us too?

Stephen: *raises an eyebrow* Does it look like I want to share it with you? *shoos Chi away like a nasty mosquito*

Willow: *breaks her piece in two and hands a piece out to Chi*

Stephen:  *stares at Willow* Sweetheart! 

Willow: It's mean not to share, Stevie.

Stephen:  I'm not sharing with him! *grabs Chi's chocolate right out of his hands and puts it in his own mouth* There!

Chi: Dude, what the hell?

Stephen:  *smirks at Chi while eating the chocolate* Mmmm, delicious!

Chi: *reaches across to grab the entire bar out of Stephen's hands*

*a fight ensues and everyone else just stares*

A: Calm down! Stop!

*Chi and Stephen stop fighting and A. takes the chocolate away*

Akio: *looks at A.* Dude, can we have some? 

A: Not now, Akio. 

Chase: *laughs* Well, that was fun! D'you guys have more entertainment like that coming?

A: Chase, don't egg them on!

Chase: *flashes a breathtaking smile and winks* Oh, come on!

A: *rolls her eyes* More questions, please...


T: Stephen, would you ever date Thia just to get on Chi's nerves? 

Stephen: *looks at Willow uncomfortably* Uh, I'm not a cheat, T. 

A: What if you weren't with Willow?

Stephen: First of all, I don't believe in forcing myself on girls. So no! Not unless Thia wanted me to. And second of all, I don't know what kind of an a**hole you people take me for, but unlike Chi here, I don't go for other guys' girlfriends. 

Chi: Dude!

Stephen: What? Can't appreciate the truth, little bro? Don't do the deed if you can't stand a nosebleed!

Chi: What? That doesn't even make any sense!

Stephen: Oh, it'll make sense all right when my fist meets your face!

Chi: You're such a prick! *looks at A.* Do I really have to sit next to him?

Stephen: *sneers and asks in a high-pitched voice mocking Chi* Do I really have to sit next to him?


T: *interrupting them quickly* Chi, would you have dated Willow if you'd known she and Stephen were an item? 

Chi: No matter what Stephen likes to think, no, I wouldn't have dated her if I had known. I don't know why he didn't tell me anyway! 

Stephen: *rolls his eyes*

A: That's the end of the interview. I will use the other questions later.


*everyone rises to their feet*


Akio: Man, no one asked me anything!


A: I'm sorry, Akio. There might be questions for you after book 2 and your short story come out.


Akio: *makes a face* Whatever!

Kayla: *walks to Akio and gives him a hug* It'll be for next time, honey. Stop being such a grouch.

Akio: And what happened to that chocolate bar thing anyway?


A: *hands him the bar* Well, I'm out of here.... *walks out quickly with the readers so they don't have to witness another fight.*





Thank you for asking questions. Feel free to ask more. ;-)



Alice Rachel



"When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what it seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be."
- Chi Richards