A: Hi, you guys! Well, your interviews are quite popular.

James: Why do the readers like Stephen so much, though? I don't get it. 

Stephen: *snickers* Someone's having trouble dealing...

James: *rolls his eyes*

Stephen: Time to move on, Malone!


A: *interrupts them* Anyway, a few readers asked some questions. We'll start with Terrence.

Terrence: Uh, just one question first. How come I'm not on the Room's Layout?

A: Sorry, Terrence. I made that one before you showed up in Standing Ground.

Terrence: *moves close to Chase* Well, can't you squeeze me in or something? 'Cause right now, it's like I don't even exist.  ​​



<---- Terrence right here!









A: There you go...

Terrence: *sighs* Okay, if that's the best you can do, I guess that's fine.

A: Okay, so, someone asked if you like music and what kind of music you like?

Terrence: Yeah, I love music! I like music from the 1980s and the 90s mostly. My favorite song is "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." *smiles broadly*

*Chase facepalms*

Terrence: *scrunches his face when he looks at Chase* What?

Chase: Nothing, Querido. Nothing at all.

Terrence: *huffs* That song is GREAT! I don't care what you say. 

Chase: I didn't say anything. 

Terrence: No, but you thought it real loud. 

Chase: *Gives a lopsided smile and squeezes Terrence's hand before kissing his temple* After hearing the song ten thousand times, I think I'm allowed to dislike it.

Terrence: I didn't listen to it ten thousand times!

Chase: No, okay. Sorry, five thousand times.

Terrence: *holds on to Chase's arm and laughs against his neck* 

Akio: *pushes his finger into his mouth*

A: What did you say, Akio?

Akio: Nothing. I was too busy throwing up in my mouth. *rolls his eyes*


A: So, Akio, someone asked why you're so damn cute.

Akio: Yeah, right!

A: No, really, she did.

Akio: Pfff, like I'm supposed to believe that!

A: *stares at Akio* Uh, you are aware of how handsome you are, right?

Akio: *rolls his eyes again* Whatever!

Kayla: *gives a chuckle* The grouch is awake. 

Akio: Whatever, man. 

A: Okayyyy... Someone is cranky.

Akio: *his eyes pin on Terrence who's whispering things into Chase's ear, making Chase laugh* Whatever! 


A: *gives a sigh* Okay, next is Tina. What's your favorite book?

Tina: Mmmmm, that's a tough one. 

Chase: She likes all that old stuff.

A: Old stuff?

Chi: Well, the books they write nowadays are all brainwashing sh***.

A: No cursing, thanks!

Chi: The books today are boring. There! Books for robotic sheep! You know, people like Harris...

Tina: *squints her eyes behind her glasses* I think my favorite book is Wuthering Heights, or maybe The Tempest. I also love Coraline. And The Two Towers. 

Chase: Tina's got so many shelves, I can't keep up.

Tina: *smiles proudly and pushes her glasses up her nose with her index finger*

James: *stares at her, his mouth wide open*

Tina: *notices James staring at her and looks away*

Taylor: *whispers to James* You're drooling. 

James: *closes his mouth and forces himself to stop staring at Tina*


A: Next is Chi. Someone asked how it feels to be a famous makeup brand.

Chi: *makes a face* What does that mean?

Stephen: *starts laughing while slapping his knee*

Chi: *cuts him a glare* 

A: There's a makeup brand named ChiChi.

Chi: What????? Where??

A: Oceania. 

Chi: What's Oceania? 

A: Australia, New Zealand...

Chi: Never heard of it.

A: Oh...But you have fans there...

Chi: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be offensive... 

A: It's okay, you do live in a secluded area. Someone also asked how it feels to be as handsome as your brother.

Chi: I don't get it... What does that even mean?

A: Like Stephen, your twin, you're both handsome. How does it feel?

Chi: Dude, it's not like I look at Stephen all day going, "Man, my brother sure is hot!" What the heck? That's just gross.

Taylor: *gives a tiny smirk*

Chi: What?

Taylor: Nothing. I like how passionate you are. That's why I wanted you on my team. 

Chi: Whatever. Don't ask me that again; that's just weird. 


A: Okay, noted. Chase, where you live, what are the repercussions of liking someone of the same gender?

Chase: *opens his mouth to talk, but Terrence cuts him off*

Terrence: Chase isn't really the best person to answer that.

A: Why not?

Terrence: Because!

Chase: *raises an eyebrow* There we go again... *shakes his head*

Terrence: Sorry, love, but maybe Akio should answer that question.

Akio: Why me?

Terrence: 'Cause me and you were bullied. Chase's got no clue what that feels like. 

Chase: *sighs* Okay, you've got a point... I guess.

Terrence: I'm not allowed to say a lot about this 'cause it's all in my story and Akio's story.

Akio: Some jackass broke my rib once...That gives you an idea. 

Chase: ¡Odio a esos pendejos! 

Terrence: What?

Chase: Nothing. 

Terrence: Love, you've said "pendejo" or whatever enough times now. I kinda got what it means, you know. 

Chase: Muy bien, Querido.

Terrence: *sighs* Creator, do you speak French to your husband too? So, like, he's got no clue what you're saying?

A: Yes. *smirks* 

Chase: Ah, see. Told you!

Terrence: Still, it's rude. 

Chase: *laughs* Eres tan lindo.

Terrence: And again... 


A: Okay, moving on... Stephen, someone asked how long you'd last if you were stuck in the same room as Chi.

Stephen: How long I'd last as in "before I got angry" or "before he killed me"? *raises an eyebrow*

A: Both, I guess.

Stephen: I can be in the same room as long as he shuts up and doesn't snoop around my stuff. He always wants to know what I'm up to, and it's really annoying. 

Chi: Like I care what you do, man. 

Stephen: Anyway, and as far as killing me, good luck with that! 

Chase: *smirks*

Chi: Why are you smirking?

Chase: Just imagining the scene. 

Chi: Ahahah funny! Not!

Chase: Still touchy about that time I threw you to the mat?

ChI: I'm done with the conversation.


William: *tries to open the door from the outside and knocks* Hey, let me in! No one told me there was an interview. 

Stephen: *sneers* That's the point, Fox. The readers already have a real antagonist here, they don't need a wimp like you. 

William: Let me in!

Willow: Maybe someone should open the door...I feel bad for him.

Chi: Yeah, no! 

William: *knocks again, gets mad, and leaves*

Chi: Abruti!

Terrence: Is that Spanish too?

Chi: No, that's French.

Terrence: Why can't you all just speak English? That's super rude! 

Chase: *smiles* I can teach you Spanish, Querido.

Terrence: *beams* Yeah?

Chase: Yeah.

Akio: *rolls his eyes*

Kayla: Someone is jealous!

Akio: *widens his eyes at her*

Kayla: Oops, sorry, honey. Didn't mean to throw you under the bus.

Terrence: *narrows his eyes* Under the bus for what?

Akio: *glares at Kayla*

Kayla: No, nothing. 

Terrence: *sighs* I hate that I'm new here. I've got no clue what's going on. 


A: Okay, so Willow, what's your favorite flower?

Stephen: *squeezes her hand, and Willow blushes*

Willow: Borage.

Chi: What's that?

Willow: Blue flowers. They taste really good.

Chi: Mmmm, yeah, sorry, Will, but I don't trust you. What was that thing you fed me once?

Willow: *giggles* Elderberries.

Chi: Gross!

Stephen: *looks at Chi like he wants to punch him* When you're done flirting with my girlfriend, we can move on, yes? 

Chi: Dude, we're not flirting...And I have a girlfriend too.

Stephen: Oh right! Yet another girl you stole from some poor guy 'cause you're not good enough to find a girl of your own. Gotta steal—

A: Okay, enough with the interview....We're done!

Stephen: I'm not done!


A: Interview over! Thank you for asking questions, everyone. And thank you for reading. 



The end! 



Alice Rachel



"When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what it seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be."
- Chi Richards