A: How is everyone doing?

Chase: Pretty well, querida, and you?

A: Please, don't call me "querida." I'm your creator; that's just weird and gross.

Chase: *arches a brow*

Terrence: *raises his hand*

A: Yes, Terrence?

Terrence: Actually, I think Chase should stop calling other people that too. I mean...

A: I agree. That's a pet name you should use only for Terrence. Okay, so... *peeks at her papers, looking for some questions* *raises her head* Stephen, can you be mine?

Stephen: *raises an eyebrow as high as the sky* Say that again!

A: *rolls her eyes* Not me, duh! That's a question from a reader asking if you would agree to be his. 

Chi: Actually, I'm pretty sure Stephen is straight. Maybe ask Chase?

Terrence: Hey! *clutches Chase's arm* 

Stephen: *laughs at Terrence's reaction, then focuses on the question* I'm sorry, sweetheart, I'm already dating Willow.


A: The same reader asked if you support the LGBT community.

Chase: *looks at Stephen pointedly, waiting*

Stephen: *stares back at Chase* What?

Chase: *flicks his hand at him* Oh nothing. I'm just waiting for your reply.

Stephen: *rolls his eyes* I don't owe anyone a reply, first of all. But since this reader is nice, I will give him an answer. Yes, of course, I support LGBTQ people. 

A: Do you actually know anyone who's LGBTQ?

Stephen: *motions at the whole room* Well, a bunch of people here. 

A: You don't actually know them, though. You've never even met most of them before today...

Stephen: *sighs, already annoyed* Whatever! I don't need to know someone personally to want what's best for them. 

Chi: Says the dude who guards a work camp.

Stephen: *stares daggers at him* I sure don't see you sacrificing your a** anytime soon the way I did, that's for sure.

Chi: Oh 'cause that's you sacrificing yourself now?

A: Chi, you don't know everything. I would suggest you sit down and please shut up.

Chi: *freezes, startled by Alice's tone* I'll remember that next time you want me to recommend some French books to you.

A: I created you. Any French book you know, I know them as well. Now sit down, please.

Chi: *sits  and glares at Stephen*

Stephen: *raises his hands* Hey, don't look at me like that, Little Brother. 

Chi: *between clenched teeth* Don't call me that! I've told you ten thousand times.

A: Okay, anyway, moving on. The same person also asked why you are so handsome, Stephen?

James: *huffs*

A: Do you have anything to say, James?

James: I'm handsome too. But no one ever asks about me!

Stephen: *claps his hands* And the award for most humble guy in the room goes to Malone!

James: *flips him off*

Stephen: Really mature, Malone!

Akio: *interrupts* Actually, I agree with James. 

James: *turns to him and gives a smile* Thanks, man. At least, you're a real friend.

Akio: No, I meant that it's always this dude everyone obsesses over. Him or Chase. 

James: *his shoulders sag* Oh...

Akio: No, I mean, you're handsome, too. I mean... *get flustered and then deeply annoyed* Oh, just leave me alone!

Kayla: It's okay, honey. Take a deep breath.

A: Aaaaanyway. *turns to Narumi* Narumi, how many tattoos do you have?

Chase: *smirks*

Terrence: *frowns and nudges Chase in the ribs*

Chase: Hey! *clutches his ribs, but he bites his lip not to laugh at Terrence's jealousy*

A: *looks at Narumi again*

Narumi: Well...

Chase: Her entire body is covered with tattoos. I would know.

Terrence: *clenches his jaw* Mhm!

A: Terrence, sweetie, we all know Chase has had know, lovers over the years. There's no need to make a fuss over it.

Stephen: *makes a face* Did you just call him "sweetie"? He's not five, you know.

A: *smiles with all her teeth* Are you jealous? Do you want me to call you "sweetie" too?

Stephen: No, thanks!

Chi: She's calling him that because he's her favorite. We all know that.

A: Actually, Stephen is also my—

Chi: *makes a face*

A: Nevermind... Anyway, Narumi... *looks at Narumi* Why do you like getting inked?

Narumi: I can't say much because it's in my story. But my brother Katsuo introduced me to it.

A: Okay, we shall leave it a mystery for your story, then.

Narumi: *nods*

A: *turns to Chase* Someone asked if your phoenix tattoo is the only tattoo you have, and if you can tell us the story behind it.

Chase: Yes, it's my only tattoo. It's big enough that it cost me a fortune. And the phoenix is a bird that rises back from the ashes, so that's the story.

A: Well, can't you go into details?

Chase: No, I don't really want to.

A: *sees the sullen look on Chase's face and changes the subject* Would you get a tattoo for Terrence?

Chase: Do you mean like his face or his name?

A: Yes.

Chase: Maybe his name. But he'd have to do the same for me, and I know he hates needles, so...

Narumi: You could get his name spelled in katakana. 

Chase: *ponders that option* Sure, why not?

Terrence: *whispers to Chase* I have no idea what she just said.

Narumi: Japanese lettering for foreign words and names. 

Terrence: Oh. 

A: Chase, if you aren't spending time with Terrence, what is your favorite pastime?

Chase: *rubs his mouth* Am I supposed to have only one pastime?

A: No, of course, but what's your favorite?

Chase: *smirks*

Tina: *laughs*

Chase: *smirks even more*

A: *confused* Uh...okay... Why the smirk?

Tina: I think we all know what his favorite pastime is.

A: Okayyyy... 

Chase: *smiles* Working out. I enjoy working out. 

A: I don't think that's what she meant.

Akio: *rolls his eyes*

Chase: What?

Akio: Nothing. It's just... You had to go there.

Chase: *squints his eyes at him, confused* Go where?

Akio: *mimicking Chase* Oh look at me, hot as hell, super chiseled, and oversexed! My abs are rocks; my pecs are stones!

Chase: What's wrong with you, dude? I never said that.

Akio: No, but you were thinking it.

Terrence: That's not a nice thing to say, Akio.

Akio: *looks embarrassed and shuts up*

A: And what's your signature dish, Chase?

Terrence: *raises his hand to answer*

Stephen: Lower your hand. This isn't elementary school.

Terrence: *lowers his hand, deflated*

A: *glares* You're going to learn to be nice if you're going to be part of the group. I'm fine with you being nasty to Fox, but this isn't—

Terrence: *interrupts* I was gonna say that Chase's signature dish is his lemon pie.

Chase: *laughs* That's only because it's your favorite. Doesn't mean it's my best. 

Tina: I like any meat he cooks. He's really good with sauces. 

Akio: *rolls his eyes* Anything he's not good at?

Terrence: Well, he's not good at expressing his feelings.

Akio: *rolls his eyes harder*

Chase: That's kinda private, querido.

Terrence: I'm just saying...

A: By the way, Terrence, how often do you dominate Chase?

Terrence: *turns tomato red* I don't understand the question.

Chase: I think you understood real well.

Terrence: Did someone really ask that?

A: Yes, and I have to ask all questions.

Terrence: Do I have to reply? Where's all that coming from anyway? 

A: You don't need to answer if it makes you uncomfortable. But there may have been a leaked scene from Chase's upcoming book...

Terrence: *his blush spreads down his neck* What scene?

Chase: *laughs, and Akio makes a barfing sound*

Terrence: Why are you sharing scenes like that in the books? It's real private.

Chi: Hey, she sure did share that cave scene with me and Thia, so it's only fair.

Terrence: Please don't ask stuff like that again. *his blush covers his entire face and neck*

A: Okay, no problem. The same reader asked how you feel about the nickname "cinnamon roll?"

Terrence: Uh...For me or for Chase?

A: For you.

Terrence: Well, I don't even know what that is, so...

A: Okay then. I guess we need to get you some because you're missing out. Also, what's your favorite thing to do when you're alone?

Terrence: *thinks about it* I like to walk around town and in the park and I don't know, stuff like that.

A: That's nice.

Terrence: I'd like to read books, but I can't do that unless Chase helps. 

A: Does he read to you a lot?

Terrence: He does, but he always chooses the books.

A: You don't like the books he chooses?

Terrence: I'm not too fond of zombies...

Chase: *laughs* I'll let you choose the next book. How about that?

Terrence: *shrugs*

A: Well, that's all for today. I have more questions for Tyreese, Taylor, Jackson... It'll be for next time. :-)




Thank you for asking questions. Feel free to ask more. ;-)



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"When the darkness meets the light, in fear it shall flee.
Not all is what it seems, open your eyes and you will see.
When the chains break apart, the enslaved shall be free.
When the world has changed, a new dawn it will be."
- Chi Richards